Welcome to Chatom

During this time of uncertainty I want to assure that all essential services in the Town of Chatom are well maintained and will remain so.  I would like to emphasize the “6 foot distance between persons” rule while shopping and at our local restaurants.  We, as always, are here to support all of our citizens and businesses.  If you are in need please do not hesitate to call our office during regular business hours.

With God’s grace and all of us  coming together to help each other we will come through this and continue to enjoy our blessed lives.           

Harold L Crouch, Mayor

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The Town of Chatom, Alabama was founded in 1904 at the intersection of Highway 56 and 17. The Town of Chatom is located in the center of the county, making Chatom the county seat in 1907. In 1949 the town became the largest municipality in Washington County, AL. Today, Chatom has a population of approximately 1,200 and is proud of its many accomplishments. The town of Chatom is the home to a modern Library, Hospital & Nursing Home, Community Center, Lake Ellis, and a beautiful 18-Hole golf course. Chatom, Alabama is an outgoing community and is home to many friendly people.